Disney+ announced when the critically acclaimed "Black Panther" sequel will hit streaming and launched a podcast accompanying the film.


The original “Black Panther” has had no discernible influence on industry practices whatsoever.

There were several moments in the film when tensions were very high, and Duke sliced through it with his quick wit and perfectly timed sarcasm.

Little has been released about the direction the film would take, but the teaser shows a world dealing with the loss of their beloved King T'Challa.


Actress Letitia Wright's alleged reluctance to get vaccinated against COVID-19 could lead to her not returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after she's done filming "Black Panther 2," according to reports.


The reality TV star Blac Chyna claimed to be the victim of revenge porn after a sex tape starring her leaked online on Monday.


Seeing Black lead characters who are accomplished scientists could be just the thing to help inspire future generations to follow in their footsteps.

Several celebrities, including Octavia Spencer and Jemele Hill, are helping children to see Marvel's "Black Panther" across the nation.

If the new trailer for the much anticipated "Black Panther" superhero movie is "magic," then the imagery captured in a new batch of recently released photos from the film are at least equally as enchanting. 


The British Airways magazine High Life featured Lupita Nyong'o in a recent issue, mistakenly printing that the "Black Panther" actress was from the fictional nation of Wakanda.