Elle France beauty editor Jeanne Deroo (pictured right) is apologizing for wearing a costume emulating Solange Knowles (pictured) while in blackface, according to the International Business Times. SEE ALSO: Black Town Mayor Racially Abuses Cops After DUI Arrest [VIDEO] Deroo donned the costume, complete with Afro, for a private party late last month. When she […]

Updated: 8:48 P.M. ET, 11/1/13: It has been brought to NewsOne’s attention that the picture above began circulating in April of this year: Why white girls should not be trusted with fake tan — harriet (@0mghaat) April 28, 2013 Though the deluge of racist statements below were made by @dopebieber, as well as her […]

You’d think that folks would know by now that donning Blackface in YouTube videos will not go down well, but one fraternity in California clearly didn’t get the memo. RELATED: Will.I.Am Arrives To The MTV Video Music Awards In “Blackface” NBC 4 Los Angeles reports that several members from Lambda Theta Delta, an Asian-American fraternity […]

In something straight from the “this-is-too-foolish-to-be-offensive files,” we take a look at two college girls who had quite the time during a recent homemade spa treatment. SEE ALSO: Papa Joe Jackson Suffers Stroke University of Minnesota Duluth students Rachel Cooper and Jessica Heid (both pictured) decided the dark facial masks they’d put on made them […]

The K-Pop phenomenon of Korean music has been gaining steam in America with recent sold-out world tours, packed arenas, and huge amounts of adoring fans. Even Swizz Beatz is planning to pair American artists and big K-Pop acts. SEE ALSO: Exploring “Dark Girls” And The Color Stigma The biggest acts include solo acts like BoA and […]

A comedian in blackface decided to ask students at the Mormon college, Brigham Young University in Utah about what they knew about Black History Month. Students claimed that Tupac and 50 Cent were Black historical figures and one student claimed that he celebrated Black History Month by “eating fried chicken and drinking grape juice.” Another […]

HATTIESBURG, Miss. — A sorority at the University of Southern Mississippi has placed six of its members on probation for dressing in blackface to depict the Huxtable family from “The Cosby Show” and attending a 1980s-themed costume party last week off campus. See also: Delois Blakely: ‘Sister Act’ Lawsuit Alleges Disney, Sony Stole Her Story See […]

MONTREAL-Students at the elite Hautes Études Commerciales at the University Of Montreal dressed up in Blackface and Jamaican colors while using mock Jamaican accents in an Olympic themed event. Disgraceful! Football Fans Show Up To Game In Blackface White Student Impersonates Lil Wayne In Blackface At Bethel College The students were used the Olympic theme […]

Arizona, a state that is regularly accused of having a serious issue with people of color, received another stain to its reputation. Last week, four white female students at Arizona State University showed up to a football game wearing Black face. The school asked students to wear all-Black attire to celebrate the new uniforms in […]

At least four Arizona State fans attended Saturday’s college football game against the University of Missouri in Blackface. The broadcast, which aired on ESPN, showed four young white women with their faces, necks and arms painted all Black. Arizona State would win 37-30, thus validating the practice of white (and other) folks painting their faces […]

At the MTV VMA’s this past weekend, caused controversy with his appearance in blackface. Recently, Newsone contributor Bakari Kitwana spoke with Associate Professor of Visual Studies at the State University of Buffalo, John Jennings, about recent visual images of Blacks on the American popular culture scene—from’s Blackface to the signage at the recent […] is defending the black makeup he wore to the VMAs Sunday night, insisting there is nothing “racial” about it.