cardi b

As you’re preparing for the week ahead check out these five stories you may have missed.

Tucker Carlson, a host at Fox News, aka Republican Viagra Network, is, for whatever reason, randomly circling back to an old gripe he has with rapper Cardi B.

Sounds like Cardi B has the same philosophy A$AP Rocky had back in 2016.

A video of a girl lip-synching to Cardi B has gone viral.

The rapper has turned some political heads.

The rapper reportedly wanted the 'red carpet' rolled out for her.

The controversies involving Cardi B and Serena Williams aren't nearly as unrelated as they may seem.

A desperate move from the anti-abortion movement.

President Donald Trump was met with criticism again when he claimed Tuesday that Usain Bolt "showed respect" for the anthem during an interview.

Cardi B claimed that a New York Police Department officer placed her in a chokehold during an assault in a tweet posted and then deleted Tuesday night.

A sixth-grade teacher in Harlem used an educational remix of Cardi B's hit song, "Bodak Yellow" as part of her lesson plan, creating a viral sensation.