The Omar Thornton story is a sad and scary one. A 34-year old man is caught stealing beer at work. Upon being shown the video of his theft by management, he quietly agrees to resign. To everyone’s surprise, the man doesn’t plan to let the situation go so easily and pulls out a gun with […]

ENFIELD, Conn. (AP) — As Omar Thornton prepared to head off to work at a beer distributorship Tuesday morning, his girlfriend sensed something was wrong. “He just kept having this dazed, confused look on his face, and I never saw him like that before,” Kristi Hannah, his girlfriend of eight years, told The Associated Press […]

The girlfriend of the Connecticut truck driver who killed eight of his co-workers said Wednesday that on the morning of the massacre “he was in a daze.”

A gunman opened fire early Tuesday morning during a shift change at Hartford Distributors, a beer distributorship near Hartford, Connecticut, and ABC News has been told that nine people, including the gunman, have died.

HARTFORD, Conn. — Politicians long ago discovered the uses of Facebook. East Haven Mayor April Capone Almon found something else there: a constituent who needed her kidney.

From Reporting from Washington – The controversy over racial bias, testing and firefighters that blew up at both the Supreme Court and the Senate last year returns Monday, this time as the justices decide whether blacks who were not hired in Chicago because of their test scores are due damages for years of lost […]