Conservative group True the Vote admitted to a Fulton County judge that it has no evidence to support its claims of ballot stuffing.

With a career marked by integrity, courage and a relentless pursuit of justice, Fani Willis deserves her flowers now for being a beacon of bravery amid her bold indictment of Donald Trump.

Harrison Floyd, the leader of Black Voices for Trump, previously couldn't afford a lawyer.

Battiste-Kosoko was reportedly being detained on charges of criminal trespassing and property damage.

Autopsy findings reveal that Lashawn Thompson, whose dead body was found "infested" with insects at Fulton County Jail, was "killed" by neglect, lawyers say. The jail is notorious for its inhumane living conditions.

A grand jury empaneled in Georgia over Trump's attempts to overturn the 2020 election recommends criminal indictments and found no evidence of any fraud. Who's getting charged?


Prosecutors are the most consequential actor in our criminal legal system.


Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis will be presenting before a grand jury an election interference case against Donald Trump. Now, Willis is asking the FBI for security accommodations now that Trump has given a speech in Texas Saturday similar to the one he gave before the Jan 6 Capitol riot.


The news comes just a week after the registration deadline to participate in the 2021 municipal elections. Atlanta and several other areas around the state have municipal elections, with early voting beginning this week.  

On Tuesday Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr denied a former request from Fulton County DA to recuse herself from the case.