In an ironic twist, Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas recently complained he and his wife have been subjected to "negativity" and "lies."


His rulings reveal a broader ultraconservative agenda to roll back social and political gains.

Clarence Thomas' wife had ducked the panel.


Clarence Thomas' wife has turned down testifying at the Jan. 6 hearings.


"This runaway Supreme Court majority and Clarence Thomas are trying to abuse and bully the American people," Jeffries said.

The Supreme Court may act like some disinterested body making academic decisions on legal theory, but the justices are very clear on the partisan implications of their actions. 

Conservative Talk Show Host Armstrong Williams stopped by the Russ Parr Morning Show to talk about the January 6th incident that left quite a few prominent Republicans in some serious trouble.


Democrats want Clarence Thomas to resign from the court or recuse himself from any proceedings attached to the 2020 election.


While ex-President Donald Trump was obsessively pushing "stop the steal," Thomas was making use of her husband's status and connections by relentlessly texting now-former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and urging him to be equally relentless in stealing back a demonstrably non-stolen election.

Clarence Thomas' wife Ginni offered an apology to her husband's Supreme Court clerks on Jan. 18 after using a personal Facebook account to cheer on the white supremacists who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Social media users think Justice Thomas should be impeached over his wife's failure to censure herself after continually sharing far-right extremist conspiracy theories on Facebook.