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Just when you thought Katt Williams might be ready to take a break from the shenanigans, the embattled comedian is accused of leading police in Sacramento, Calif., on a high-speed chase through the streets on a motorized tri-cycle, reports Dig It Or Diss It: SNL’s Jay Pharoah Spoofs Comedian Katt Williams [VIDEO] Pimp Down: […]

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Comedian Katt Williams is being sued for ‘non-performance’ after he cut short an Oakland concert before going on an extended rant that began with a a rambling free-style and ended with him telling a disgruntled ticket-payer and his “bi**h” to “meet him in the back.” RELATED: Dig It Or Diss It: SNL’s Jay Pharoah Spoofs […]

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What is going on with Katt Williams? Continuing his stop through Oakland, California, where he was arrested last Thursday for battery, the troubled comedian took the stage the next night under the influence of some powerful drugs, reports RELATED: Comedian Katt Williams Arrested For Battery Katt Williams Arrested On Possible Gun Violation Williams stopped […]

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Saturday Night Live has launched the careers of such legendary comics as Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock, but a comedian gaining notoriety by spoofing another comedian is something new. Stand-out impressionist Jay Pharoah, who spoofed President Barack Obama‘s performance in the second presidential debate, may have just accomplished that feat. As previously reported by NewsOne, […]

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Update 3:20 p.m. EST, 11/15/12: Williams allegedly hit someone over the head with a bottle near Oakland club Kimball’s Carnival. Case still developing. ______________________________________________ These days, comedian Katt Williams (pictured) spends more time in jail cells than on the stand-up stage. Williams was reportedly arrested in Oakland, Calif., for fighting at a club, according to […]

Controversial funnyman Katt Williams (pictured) was cuffed by the LAPD early Wednesday morning at a Hollywood club hot spot for suspicion of a gun violation, reports TMZ. SEE ALSO: The Origins Of ‘Ratchet’ Reportedly, police were summoned when someone at the Supper Club called in a complaint about a patron brandishing a gun. When police […]

Katt Williams was questioned by police at a Best Buy in Coleraine, Ohio after receiving calls about a female member of Katt Williams entourage who store security believed was shoplifting. After an investigation, police found that Williams’ companion was only putting her own property in her purse, but still charged her with misdemeanor marijuana possession. […]

Katt Williams has apologized for making derogatory statements about Mexicans when responding to a heckler at a Phoenix show. “My remarks were not meant to be offensive,” Williams said. “I want to apologize if my comedy act was taken out of context.” See video here: Katt Williams tells Latino heckler go back to Mexico When a […]

I laughed when comedian Katt Williams began flipping out and insulting a Mexican (or Mexican-American) heckler for over 7 straight minutes on video this past weekend in Phoenix, Arizona. Some of the stuff was funny. Some of it—like Mr. Williams said “we were slaves, b*tch. Ya’ll just work like that at the landscapers”—was objectionable. Initially, […]

PHOENIX — Comedian Katt Williams got into a yelling match with a Latino heckler at recent show in Phoenix, Arizona. Williams showed a great deal of American patriotism while disrespecting the Latino man due to his pride about being Mexican. Katt Williams is known to have struggled with mental issues and the line between his […]

Palmdale, CA-Comedian Katt Williams, was arrested for blocking the path of a tractor driver’s wife’s car after some ladies who were staying at his house were throwing rocks at the tractor driver. TMZ reports: The man, who says he suffered facial injuries in the attack, called his wife to pick him up — but when […]

Katt Williams reportedly has been charged with felony intimidating a witness after he allegedly attempted to trap a couple from leaving the scene of an altercation in Palmdale, CA. Link: Bishop Eddie Long Receives Huge Stack Of Cash During Service