Dove and Nike recognize negative self-talk's impact on young girls' development, so they've created a coaching program.


The film “Air,” which tells the story of Nike’s signing of Michael Jordan, isn’t actually about Michael Jordan at all.

Good News

Nike is donating $8.9 million in grants to grassroots nonprofit organizations working to advance social justice.

Travis had created sponsorships with brands like Nike, Dior, Epic Games, Playstation, and so many more, but the tragic deaths and injuries during his show have compelled many of his sponsors to rethink their continuing relationship with the rapper, and Travis could be losing huge portions of his earning during 2022.

Good News

The Barack Obama Foundation received a $5 million donation from Nike for the creation of a sports facility.

Just days removed from the tragic helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant and people have already found ways to exploit the catastrophe for their own financial gain.

Good News

Thasunda Brown Duckett, CEO of Chase Consumer Banking, has been appointed to join Nike’s board of directors.

Governor Doug Ducey is stopping a Nike plant from being built in his state.

Colin Kapernick reportedly spoke out against the Nike shoes.

Trump worshipers were banning Nike because Colin Kaepernick was part of their ad campaign.