The RNC is honoring Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson as a "Republican Trailblazer" six months after the lifelong Democrat switched parties.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) fired national spokesman and director of Black media Paris Dennard and won't explain why.

Looking to score cheap points, the GOP equated a Black woman with liberal leanings as being the boogeyman Republicans claim is destroying America. 

But Black voter engagement requires more than a verbal commitment. Mondale Robinson, the founder of the Black Male Voter Project, says both parties talk a good game but where they stand on the issues matters.


Paris Dennard has been appointed the GOP's new Senior Communications Advisor of Black Media Affairs.

On Thursday's edition of NewsOne Now, Republican strategist Raynard Jackson spoke with Roland Martin about the rash of departures at the RNC.

Just like the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the RNC refuses to schedule a debate solely on the issue of racial justice. Activists affiliated with the #BlackLivesMatter network and Campaign Zero had asked the two parties to add a formal racial justice debate to their schedules.

On Monday, Rush Limbaugh (pictured) rebuked what’s been branded as an “autopsy” by the Republican National Committee that chronicles the GOP’s failures and ways in which the party can best move forward. Despite evidence to the contrary — statements and legislation by Republican officials, plus the right-wing media folks who embolden them — the conservative radio […]

Former MSNBC and Current TV anchor, David Shuster, tweeted an incident that occurred at the Republican National Convention that perfectly captured the racial, classist and elitist undertones of the entire scripted affair, reports TalkingPointsMemo.com. Want to Keep Up With NewsOne.com? LIKE Us On Facebook! See tweet below: Though CNN initially refused to fully address the […]

If you’re one those Black Americans who has asked yourself, “What has the Republican National Committee done for me lately?” look no further than their support of GOP presidential candidate, Mitt “Mittens” Romney, reports TalkingPointsMemo.com. RELATED: It’s Official: Romney Taps Paul Ryan As His Running Mate [VIDEO] In response to former RNC chairperson Michael “Hip-Hop Hooray” Steele’s […]