Virginia’s Confederate statue of Robert E. Lee has been melted down. 

The historic Robert E. Lee confederate monument in Richmond, Virginia is finally coming down after Gov. Ralph Northam announced plans for its removal back in June 2020. The Virginia State Supreme Court gave the city permission to start the multi-day process, which should be completed before the end of the week.


White House chief of staff John Kelly chalked up the origin of the American Civil War to a "lack of an ability to compromise" and ignored slavery in racist remarks Monday.

A federal appeals court allows New Orleans to remove three prominently displayed Confederate monuments.

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Mississippi is the only state in the United States that continues to fly a Confederate emblem on its flag and the fight to bring it down has reached the nation's capital.

A Republican lawmaker from Georgia, who was criticized last week for saying the Ku Klux Klan was not racist, has now withdrawn his name from several bills he sponsored to honor the Confederacy.

State Rep. Tommy Benton has come out in favor of two bills that will formally uphold holidays celebrating Confederate members.