The activist released an extensive fundraising report and is now responding to some of the criticism.

The activist is addressing Twitter gossip that he is a fraud.


This -- the announcement that Rihanna's Diamond Ball would be honoring Shaun King with an award -- ain't it.


The seemingly good news that Rihanna planned to honor Shaun King at an upcoming awards ceremony was quickly flipped upside down on social media after its announcement.

Joe Biden comments about a segregationist has Democrats infighting.

Shouldn't the endgame be putting Donald Trump, not attacking our own?

The two have been feuding for nearly a week.

The activist is fighting back after serious accusations.


The scrutiny that activist and journalist Shaun King was facing this week took a new turn when his wife broke her silence to address the multiple claims against her husband.


Shaun King's social media attack on a Black woman activist has fanned the flames of suspicion that he does more harm to the Black community than good.

The activist was slammed online for hours yesterday.

The activist revealed the horrifying details on Twitter.