Former YouTube pimp, Donald Clifton “D’Nero Armani” Allen Jr., could face up to 30 years in federal prison if convicted on charges of child pornography and sexual abuse, the New York Daily News reports. Allen’s lavish YouTube videos gave other wannabe pimps advice on how to prosper and handle their prostitutes. Allen has been in federal prison […]

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It’s looks like video has once again come back to bite someone in the rear. The latest? Rapper 50 Cent is going to court in June after he put footage of a rival rapper’s ex having sex on YouTube, according to the New York Daily News. 50, real name: Curtis Jackson, 39 is slated to […]

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As promised, GloZell Green, the green-lipped YouTube sensation infamous for her crazy video antics, spoke with president Barack Obama as part of his White House Initiative, the YouTube State of the YOUnion. SEE ALSO: LAPD Couple Honored At State Of The Union President Obama, who gave his SOTU address to the nation on Tuesday evening, sought […]

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Several days ago, St. Louis police shot and killed  Kajieme Powell in a hail of bullets. The entire incident was captured on cell phone video and posted on YouTube for the entire world to witness. Do you think St. Louis police officers had to gun down 25-year-old Kajieme Powell who was allegedly holding a steak […]


Benoni Tagoe is using every resource at his disposal to teach Black millennials how to empower themselves through financial literacy with a new web series The Bizz Plan. “I have a lot of friends who know how to get money, but they don’t know how to keep it,” said Tagoe. “A lot of people who grew up like me, they […]


This father-daughter song about the joys of hanging out together will be the best thing you watch today. The video was posted to Youtube by user Ricky Weems, Jr. with the message “Lil snippet of a song me and my daughter put together. She only 10 but she is a natural! Shoutout to the cameraman […]


What started out as a hobby for Marques Brownlee has made him into one of the tech world’s youngest experts. The 20-year-old began making Youtube videos where he reviews tech products at the time he was entering high school. Today, his Youtube channel, MKBHD, has more than 1.5 million subscribers and his 640-plus videos have a […]

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Suited and Booted! Roland Martin spoke with high school student Hayden Hinton and counselor Tiffany Gholson about an inspiring video making the rounds on the Internet. Black male students at Illinois’ Central High School put together “Suit & Tie in the 217” to offer a counter-narrative for young black men. For Black History Month, they released a video […]


Last month, a group of students from the UCLA School of Law put together a video to call awareness to the emotional toll placed  on students of color due to their alarmingly low representation within the student body. “I am so tired of being on this campus everyday and having to plead my humanity, essentially, […]


James Percell, a homeless man from the Bronx, New York, has become a YouTube sensation with his song “Everything Must Change.” So far, the video has more than 1 million views and, according to the New York Post, Parcell still dreams of hitting it big in the music industry. The 49-year-old says he auditioned for […]

Some members of the Black race seem to be shooting our culture, in slow, incremental steps, into the most humid annals of hell! SEE ALSO: Woman Accused Of Putting Beer In Her Kid’s Sippy Cup (VIDEO) Albert Roundtree, Jr‘s (pictured) video, “Booty Pop“, is the most recent example of that quantum step into the bowels […]


Two teenage girls have been forced to leave Gainesville High School in Gainesville, Fla after a 15-minute rant of their’s mocking and belittling African Americans appeared online. The girls made the video in response to criticism one of them received after posting something about Black people and Food Stamps. The two girls used the N-Word […]