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Many Black folks are thinking about the upcoming 2020 election as a boxing match.

They want to bet their odds on a powerful fighter who will knock out Trump and take his heavyweight U.S. president’s title. They envision someone who is fit for the challenge. They want someone who is training for the position. And they need someone who will be a solid champion for people of color.

There are several Black women in the public sphere that would be great contenders. Politicians, journalists, moguls and activists are just some of the titles that could take down Trump.

Let’s take a look at 15 Black women who have already opposed Trump and won support for it:

Political Power Players

Kamala Harris

It’s already being argued that California’s first Black Democratic Senator is positioning herself for a 2020 White House race. Let’s not forget that Harris made history when she was appointed, along with New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker, to the Senate Judiciary Committee in January, the first African Americans in those posts since the 1990s.

Michelle Obama

Have you seen the several “Michelle Obama 2020” Twitter accounts that have been launched in recent months? The former first lady has already proved to be a top pick for 2020. Surprisingly, her upcoming Becoming memoir will be out in November, just after the upcoming midterm elections.

Maxine Waters

Auntie Maxine is leading the “Impeach 45” movement, right? Her political reach has grown so far over recent months, with her comments inspiring memes all over social media. Though she did deny that the 2020 presidency was not on her radar during a The View interview last August, folks wouldn’t be surprised if she threw her hat in the ring.

Keisha Lance Bottoms

Bottoms already had a successful run and win under her political belt with becoming mayor of Atlanta. She got support from tons of folks, including Harris. Who is to say lightning won’t strike twice? If Bottoms runs, then the rap community will most likely bless the world with another “Go Keisha” track.

Frederica Wilson

This Democratic U.S. Rep from Florida stood up for Sgt. La David Johnson‘s widow, Myeshia Johnson, when Trump absolutely butchered a condolence call to her last October. Wilson didn’t back down then, and if she runs for the presidency, it’s likely that folks can expect the same type of fighting spirit.

Mightly Moguls

Oprah Winfrey

The OWN mogul delivered an emotionally stirring Golden Globes speech that led to all kinds of support for her running for the presidency. Oprah later said that she wasn’t going to enter the race, but there is no denying that she will have backers if she changes her mind.

Ava DuVernay

DuVernay is arguably the most recognizable and prominent African-American female director right now. She won acclaim for Selma, and has already created a huge buzz over her next project, Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time, which stars Oprah. DuVernay has also been an activist, which would make for an interesting background as president.

Shonda Rhimes

Rhimes has created and helmed great television shows for women, who continue to fight for their rights with fierceness and ferocity. The Grey’s Anatomy showrunner has also been a leader in the #TimesUp movement against sexual harassment, increasing her exposure and favor with Americans across the nation.

Justice Journalists

April Ryan

The White House correspondent has suffered through several insults from Trump and his administration. She has most likely become stronger after the drama and continues to press Trump on the most important issues to Black Americans. Most folks are glad to have Ryan as an advocate.

Jemele Hill

Hill made headlines when she referred to Trump as a “White supremacist” on Twitter in September. Though she was suspended for two weeks for the comment, she stood her ground and stuck by her words. She recently doubled down on those comments about Trump, making her into a fierce competitor for the presidency.

Joy Reid

The MSNBC host confronts Trump and his shenanigans on national television daily. When Trump’s re-election campaign leaked a racist ad about Democrats being “complicit with murder by illegal immigrants,” she was all over it last month. This assertive willingness to fight against wrongdoing is a good quality to have as a president.

Angela Rye

The CNN political commentator just came off of a special televised event critiquing Trump and his State Of the Union.  Rye has proven that she can roll with Trump’s punches on several occasions, and now that she is dating Common, she has a solid man that seems as if he would support her as Mrs. President.

Amazing Activists

Tarana Burke

The #MeTOO founder and leader created her movement fighting against sexual harassment and abuse for women more than a decade ago. As #MeToo continues to grow, Burke has become a recognizable face all over the country when it comes to women’s rights.

Tamika Mallory

Mallory shares similarities with Burke as a strong advocate for women. She was a co-chair of last year’s historic Woman’s March, spearheading and promoting an incredible voter registration drive for folks across the nation. It may not be surprising to see Mallory end up in politics.

Symone D. Sanders

Sanders has already served as press secretary for Bernie Sanders, showing that she is a woman who knows the political world. She has been outspoken, with a front row seat to what it takes to run for the highest office in the nation. Sanders may make a run for it.

Expect this list of powerful Black women who could challenge Trump to grow as we get closer to 2020.


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