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Actor Isaiah Washington is the latest Black person who, for some reason, has decided to put their full trust in Donald J. TrumpIn disturbingly familiar Trump fashion, Washington has taken things even further by comparing his work to people who he couldn’t hold a candle to. In a recent tweet, Washington actually had the nerve to compare himself to Harriet Tubman.

The whole ordeal started when Washington posted a picture of himself with a bunch of conservative, Trump-loving, MAGA hat-wearing Black people during the Black Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C.

Journalist Soledad O’Brien couldn’t help but notice the photo op and laugh. Clearly, Washington didn’t take too kindly to this because he responded to O’Brien writing:

“I don’t know you personally, but we do Follow each other here on Twitter. Perhaps you should do a little more research on me before you go down this path. Let’s keep it simple. Let’s hop on call before you are forced to block me and this becomes nasty.”


Things got pretty intense after this. O’Brien made it clear that she didn’t have time for Tump-lover phone calls and responded to Washington:

“Or… I can just ignore you. Bless your heart, though. (And don’t threaten people. It’s not becoming.)”


Apparently O’Brien’s tweets to Washington caused a bunch of MAGAs to attack her, so she made use of the block button. When a follower showed that O’Brien blocked them, Washington responded:

@soledadobrien THIS is what I meant by not letting this little mocking tweet of yours make things ‘nasty’ my dear. You’re gonna be blocking #Blexit #WalkAway #MAGA and #KAG for the next 7 Days by attacking me here on @Twitter for supporting the #FirstStepAct and @RealCandaceO.


Washington has continually been championing the First Step Act, a federal prison reform initiative that was signed by Trump in December of last year, despite some groups, such as those associated with Black Lives Matter, having major criticism of the bill. Washington has also argued that Democrats haven’t been doing enough for Black people so that’s why he’s so hype for Trump.

His spat with O’Brien didn’t end with his “my dear” tweet either. O’Brien clapped back once again writing, “Babe, focus on yourself.”


Washington then tried to use the #MeToo movement against O’Brien by writing:

No dear, let’s keep it professional. You know in this #MeToo age, I can’t be so low as to call you a ‘Babe’, but somehow your opinion of me says it’s okay for you to call me ‘Babe’ now? You mocked me & I called you on it as a ‘journalist’. If you really were ‘fair’ you’d call me.”


This is when another user, commented on O’Brien’s tweet writing:

“He’s been mad with the black comm since the ‘Obama Diss’ & being kicked off of Grey’s Anatomy by a black woman. He credit Trump with initiatives Obama started. He’s what Harriet Tubman warned us about. He think he’s free but he kiss the same massa that would whip him if he could.”

That’s when Washington’s ridiculous Harriet Tubman statement came into play when he wrote:

WTF? I’m doing what Harriet Tubman did and better. Sit down. You sound ignorant. #FirstStepAct.”


Until the next outrageous statement made by Isaiah Washington.


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