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Pastor Jamal Bryant‘s word seems to be flipping when it comes to MAGA lover Kanye West. This past Sunday, the megachurch preacher condemned the “Jesus Is King” rapper for his politics just months after he hosted West for a Sunday Service.

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According to Complex, Bryant — who is the senior pastor at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta — preached to his congregation about West, slamming his previous comments about slavery and his support for Donald Trump. Bryant started off by commending West’s new gospel album “Jesus Is King” before telling his church members that it’s what the rapper does “in between the songs” that is an issue.

“It ain’t on the album. The album is hot, it’s good. It’s in between the songs. I can’t rest with Kanye saying that slavery was an option,” Bryant said. The senior pastor then continued by blaming West’s support of Trump for making the president feel comfortable enough to visit Atlanta for his Black Voices for Trump rally.

“It’s in between the songs that he says black people should vote Republican because that’s the group that kept us free,” Bryant said. “I can’t rest in between the songs when Kanye would endorse Donald Trump who has never done a thing for Black people, but say this is the way that is going to give us resources. It’s in between the songs that he endorsed him, and because he endorsed him, Donald Trump thought that he was going to come into Atlanta, Georgia and nobody was going to check him.”

Bryant’s comments are ironic considering he let his church host Kanye for his Sunday Service back in September. This is after West made all his deplorable statements saying slavery was a choice, and after he started wearing MAGA hats and hugging Trump. Bryant should’ve known West’s stance on politics then. Yet, he still hosted the rapper in his church.

Bryant’s church even accepted donations from West, which Bryant later redirected to Morris Brown College because — surprise, surprise — Bryant realized West was in a sunken place. “I don’t align with the statements of Kanye West,” Bryant said back in October. “Mr. West made a significant donation to New Birth Cathedral. But I do not want to be guilty of double speech… The donation he made to our church I am now redirecting. I am going to be giving the donation he gave to Morris Brown College.”

Now, Bryant seems to be doubling down on his recent anti-Kanye sentiments with his message this past Sunday. Bryant later posted a clip of his sermon to his Instagram account with the caption:

“Kanye west project is incredible but his politics are indigestible . The message after the music is just as important. Jesus is king and Trump is a jester. Our theology doesn’t match this administrations politics…the revolution won’t be televised.”


Okay Pastor Bryant.


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