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It should be no surprise that racism continues to run deep in this country on a macro and micro level. One viral video is showing how white racists can’t take a dose of their own medicine when it comes to condescending remarks.

The clip, which has gone viral on Twitter, shows a white man in a suburb spewing racist language only to be triggered even more when he’s called “boy.”

The video was posted by Twitter user @2monthslaterr and it starts with the man behind the camera asking “You called me the N-word?” to which the riled up white man in a robe responds, “That’s what you are motherfu**er.”

The white man then continues towards a house as if he is preparing to go inside while still aiming expletives at the cameraman. Meanwhile a white woman in curlers seems to try and calm down the man in the robe, saying, “I don’t want the police here.”

Meanwhile, the cameraman goes on to say, “I got your address” and then speaks out the disgruntled man’s address.

“I got you saying the N-word boy I got you,” says the camera man.

It was the “boy” part that completely set the white man off. “Boy?! You’re a ni**er motherfu**er.”

The man in the robe then proceeds to make his way back towards the house while repeatedly calling the cameraman the N-word. When the camera man gets closer, the man in the robe rushes towards him, saying, “I told you to get off my driveway. Ima knock the fu** out of you.”

The cameraman responds with “old man you cannot hurt me” to which the man in the robe threatens, “Sh*t Ima go get my gun.”

The video was posted to Twitter on Thursday and as of Friday it’s received over 1 million views. You can check it out below. Warning, it includes various expletives.


Since then, people on social media have commented on the video comparing the racist white man to movie characters such as Peter Pettigrew from the “Harry Potter” franchise and Mayor Augustus Maywho from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.



The racist video is the latest to go viral over the past year. One from October of last year involved a Black teen being called the N-word by a white woman after he threw his gum wrapper on the ground.

“I thought she was going to attack us,” he said. “The lady was telling me, ‘Just pick it up,’ real loud and just yelling and everything, crazy.”

In January of this year, a CEO of a fertilizer company in Tennessee was also caught on camera calling his Uber driver the N-word. He was fired from his position after the video went viral.


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