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Mark Taylor, a coach in Georgia, filmed himself using racist language about Black people while driving around Atlanta.

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In today’s episode of Bigots Recording Themselves While Bigot-ing, a racist white man recently filmed himself riding around Atlanta, Georgia, while becoming increasingly angry because he “ain’t seen a white person in sight.”

Meet Mark Taylor.

According to 13 WMAZ, Taylor was a middle school teacher and coach for Houston County Schools until he was fired and banished from the county in 2007, the same year he pleaded guilty to a felony charge of influencing a witness and was accused of stalking and harassing his ex-fiancée. Still, somehow this white ex-convict has the caucasity to look down on others as if they are the degenerates of society.

“Homeless ones on the street. Every restaurant looking in here is Black. Every car beside me is Black. They can have Atlanta,” Taylor can be heard saying in one of at least three videos he recorded.

To be fair, of course, this guy has a problem with Atlanta if he doesn’t like Black cars. I mean, if you don’t want to constantly be around black Dodge Challengers, you’re going to want to steer clear of all downtown ATL highway exits along I-20. I do agree with him that black is not the most inviting color to paint a restaurant, though.

Oh, that’s righthe’s talking about the people inside the cars and restaurants.

Apparently, to Taylor, the mere existence of Black people minding their own business indicates that Atlanta, which Taylor said “used to be a fun place to come to,” has gone to “crap.” In fact, Taylor hates Black people so much that while talking to someone named “Ro”—who I can only imagine is a member of the sports lover’s Klan-tasy football club—he urged his friend to “come up here and go hunting.” He also pointed to a tree and told a Black motorist his friend would hang them from it. He can also be heard using the n-word several times.

Taylor also complained about a billboard that “had Obama and all them up there,” but it would be terribly surprising if a MAGA Republican turned out to be a loud and proud Klan fan who fantasizes about lynchings while riding around predominately Black communities, wouldn’t it?

Imagine being this hateful and anti-Black to the point where you feel the need to film yourself and show the world the extent of your seething racism. Taylor is basically Scott Adams without the art skills.

Anyway, while Taylor is no longer an employee of any school district, he does offer personal training through his business, Speed Edge Sports, for kids 8 and up in football, basketball, track, and other sports that tend to be dominated by the people he hates so much he wants to make America its lynch-happy reconstruction era again.

“He shouldn’t be around kids. He shouldn’t have a privilege of being around a coach to any athlete. Our parents need to know what they’re walking into,” said Karen Buckman, one of many parents who have joined students, teachers and coaches in speaking out against Taylor, who trained Buckman’s son for three years. “You don’t have to be a parent of a Black child or any person of color to be horrified or think this is horrendous.”

“When he had a hard time and went to prison, and he came back to our community to coach, we supported him,” Buckman continued. “For him to bite the hand that feeds him adds a brick to this complicated and sick situation.”

Is his situation really that “complicated” though? He’s an ex-con bigot and a hate crime waiting to happen. Unfortunately, it’s not a crime for dangerous bigots to own businesses. But hopefully, his story goes as viral as his self-filmed “Bring Back Jim Crow” documentary has so parents, especially Black parents, will know to keep their children as far away as possible from him.


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