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One of the fascinating things about Karen behavior is the way these people are so entitled and delusional that they believe it’s everyone else’s behavior but there’s is actionable.

Earlier this week, we reported about a white woman who both literally and figuratively went postal when she got escorted out of a post office for making a scene. At one point, that woman pulled out her phone to record the Black post office employee recording her and she told the employee, “I hope you lose your job” as if she wasn’t the one shouting like a maniac, being blatantly racist, and causing a huge Karen commotion that could get one arrested.

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Now, a new video is floating around TikTok that shows a white woman who, according to the footage, came into a Dollar General store a few minutes before closing and was recorded while arguing with a Black employee who she threatened with physical violence, called a “b—h” repeatedly, called the N-word and made other racist comments to—all while demanding the manager’s contact info so she could get the employee in trouble.

The video begins with the unidentified Karen threatening to physically harm the employee, who is unshaken, unbothered and ready to throw hands if necessary.

“You need your God damn face slapped off,” the white woman said to the employee, who responded by identifying herself as the assistant manager and urged her to “Do it. That’s all you got to do!”

“Slap it out for me. Touch me, baby,” the unfazed but still-ready employee continues. “All you got to do is slap me.”

At some point during this exchange, the white woman brought race into things out of nowhere because, as I’ve said multiple times before, if you want to know whether a white person is racist or not, all you have to do is get them upset while being a Black person.

“Just because you’re Black, doesn’t mean you’re that. F—k you,” Karen said.

What does that even mean? What exactly is “that”?

Anyway, the two continued to go back and forth with the white woman demanding to have her groceries rung up. The employee, meanwhile, noted that she had been called a b—h multiple times and said she would not serve the white woman, who had demanded to know the manager’s name and said the employee would be “in trouble” when she came back the next day.

Again—who does this lady think looks bad here? She definitely realized at some point that she was being recorded. She even called this Black woman the N-word as she was walking out and she still doesn’t seem to understand that even if she did get in touch with the manager, she has handed the employee she’s trying to get “in trouble” an ironclad defense.

In fact, the white woman took things even further during the exchange and threatened to call the police on the assistant manager of the store if she didn’t ring her groceries up.


A final thought: While it’s unclear when and where the video was recorded, it’s impossible to ignore that this all happened at a Dollar General, the same chain of discount stores targeted last weekend by a white supremacist murderer.

Nah, Karen. I think we’re done here. 


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