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SUMTER, S.C. — An ex-convict who thought he was being robbed gunned down a 12-year-old trick-or-treater, spraying nearly 30 rounds with an assault rifle from inside his home after hearing a knock on the door, police said Saturday.

Bakari Kitwana Asks: Cornel West What does the economic downturn mean for already struggling Black families? In part two of our Bakari Kitwana’s discussion with Cornel West, Dr. West delves into the significance of the racist incidents and responses that reared their head on the campaign trial this year-from the McCain supporter’s taunts to John […]

Bakari Kitwana Asks:  Cornel West What challenges face Black Leadership under a Barack Obama Presidency? We caught up with Dr. Cornel West in Cleveland, Ohio last week in the midst of his crisscrossing the state to help get out the early vote for Barack Obama. Dr. West has been publicly critical of the Obama campaign […]

Patrick Campbell worries Barack Obama will raise his taxes but thinks John McCain will send people off to war. He says that leaves him leaning toward Obama … maybe.

John McCain has a new working class surrogate. It seems as if he is trying to take some of the working class Latino vote by using Tito, a Hispanic construction worker. Tito first made waves when he was interviewed by Mother Jones outside of McCain rally where he angrily rallied against the media and ACORN. […]

The convicted felon suspected in the slayings of actress-singer Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew told police he is innocent but balked at taking a lie-detector test, a police official said.

Barack Obama appeared on the Daily Show last night. He discussed his infomercial, attack ads and the economy. He also discussed allegations of socialism saying ‘I’ve heard reports that In kindergarder, I shared my toys” and the Bradley effect.

Exxon Mobil Corp., the world’s largest publicly traded oil company, reported income Thursday that shattered its own record for the biggest profit from operations by a U.S. corporation, earning $14.83 billion in the third quarter.

A day after the Federal Reserve slashed a key interest rate to battle an economic downturn, the government reported Thursday the economy did shrink in the summer, sending the strongest signal yet that a recession may have already begun.

In the lead up to The Nation of Islam’s rare and recent opening up of the group’s historic Mosque Maryam headquarters on Chicago’s South Side, Minister Louis Farrakhan set the stage for a more inclusive organization while maintaining the NOI’s basic theme of African American empowerment. “We are taking the teachings of the Honorable Elijah […]

DETROIT – A judge sentenced former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to four months in jail Tuesday for a sex-and-text scandal, calling him “arrogant and defiant” and questioning the sincerity of a guilty plea that ended his career at City Hall. Kilpatrick declined to speak in court, but his lawyers urged the judge to look at his […]

Wall Street had another astounding advance Tuesday, with the Dow Jones industrials soaring nearly 900 points in their second-largest point gain ever as late-day bargain hunters stormed into the market. The Dow and the Standard & Poor’s 500 index were each up nearly 11 percent.