A detailed report released on Thursday by the NAACP's Legal Defense fund provides facts and figures, while also calling for the appointment of a special prosecutor.

Community members are reeling over the death of a promising young activist whose life was cut short on Monday during a shooting.

Diamonds Ford is fighting to clear her name after she was charged for shooting a police officer she suspected to be an intruder while serving a warrant at her home in Jacksonville, Florida.

Ben Crump called for a new, independent prosecutor to re-open the legal investigation into Breonna Taylor's killing after a grand juror suggested that the Kentucky attorney general's office lied.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron has taken measures to protect his own life just weeks after his apparently pro-police presentation to a grand jury neglected to take Breonna Taylor's life into account.

Gayle King continued her impressive streak of landing coveted interviews that Black America wants to see when she sat down with Kenneth Walker, the boyfriend of Breonna Taylor who survived the police shooting that killed her in her own home.

Steve Conrad, who was fired over the summer after the police shooting death of restaurant owner Daniel McAtee, was incorrectly informed that Taylor was in possession of a rifle.

The revelation, made by organizer Christopher 2X, comes less than one week after the transcripts were made public due to an unknown juror who filed a motion for the transcripts to be released.

The Breonna Taylor grand jury transcript will be released after a member of the grand jury filed a motion accusing the Kentucky attorney general of possibly distorting the truth (aka lying).

Breonna Taylor's former neighbor whose apartment was also hit by the same police gunfire that resulted in a weak indictment of a fired cop is wondering why the shots that ripped through his home weren't factored into last week's charges.

Charles Barkley proudly announced decades ago that he is "not a role model" and the NBA legend backed up that claim and then some when he made disparaging remarks about Breonna Taylor's killing.

Twitter trolls are disingenuously using Reginald Denny to defend drivers who decide to drive through protests.