The saga continues… The New York Police Department is investigating an altercation that occurred between a cop and a 30-year-old man in Harlem. Before arresting…

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Diddy has been arrested and taken into custody after he allegedly got into a fight with a UCLA football coach.


Following a biker gang shootout that left nine dead and more than a dozen injured in Waco, Texas, police are warning of revenge attacks from the motorcycle crews after 170 people were arrested and charged in connection with the mass shooting. According to CNN, a memo has gone out to law enforcement warning officers that […]

Imagine if two black gangs had shot up a restaurant and left 9 dead. Now look at this picture. — Donald Kerabatsos (@Papakila) May 17, 2015 A fight between biker gangs in Waco, Texas ended in gunfire Sunday that left nine people dead and another 18 injured. Gunfire was also exchanged with police during […]

Middletown, DE .The family of 20-y-old #TySawyer is now in mourning after the young man was brutally beaten 2 death. — Truly Blue (@violetesrblue) May 6, 2015 Medical authorities still have not determined the cause of death of a 20-year-old Middletown, Del. man who died after an April 26 fight, but the mother of […]

Police have identified and arrested a 16-year-old girl in connection with a massive brawl inside a Brooklyn-area McDonald’s, NBC reports. The brutal brawl, which left a teenager beaten and bruised, occurred in the McDonald’s on Flatbush Avenue in Flatbush. Witnesses claim there were up to 10 girls attacking the teen throughout the 3-minute fight, but authorities have […]

Police are currently looking for answers regarding a brawl that occurred in an NYC McDonald’s during which 20 people watched as a teenager was beaten to a pulp by a group of girls. The teen was attacked by four girls following a disagreement at Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn, according to the New York Daily News. After meeting […]


Is Matthew Knowles, singer Beyonce’s dad and former manager, spilling the beans that the infamous elevator incident was staged? Knowles put himself back in the news recently following an appearance on the Roula & Ryan show on 104.1 KRBE in Houston earlier this week. In an interview, he was asked about the infamous elevator incident […]


Dad Knocks Out Man at Pennsylvania Wawa For Eyeballing His Daughter Some people will give this unidentified man a “Father of the Year” award, but others may think he went too far after noticing a grown man looking at his teen daughter. The Upper Darby Police Department in Pennsylvania is looking for the man who […]

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Former U.S. airman Michael Giles was jailed to 25 years in prison for standing his ground in Florida. He’s been in prison for four years now for what his supporters argue was a simple act of self-defense. With attention now on “stand your ground” laws, his family is hoping to stir up interest in his case […]


Dear Christmas, Holiday Greetings! This is your old friend, Thanksgiving. Long time no hear from. I hope your year went better than mine. I won’t…

Theresa M. Jefferson, 33, plead guilty to second-degree assault in an altercation with Ebony Odoms, 38, that took place in a Baltimore County Wal-Mart on October 8th, The Baltimore Sun reports. SEE ALSO: Reality show starring Whitney Houston’s daughter reportedly in the works The altercation went down like this, according to The Sun: Cox told […]