HBCU students interviewed during Bernie Sanders' rally in Atlanta said they still have questions about whether candidates have truly advocated for Black people and deserve the Black vote.

Mayor Pete had a photo of Black folks that was taken in Kenya. Sen. Kamala Harris couldn't control her laughter.

The presidential candidate continues to fair poorly when it comes to police misconduct.

Charles Barkley air-balled a layup of a question ahead of the second Democratic debate in Detroit when he was asked point-blank if he thought Donald Trump was a racist.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg released his "Douglass Plan" plan for Black America after struggling to stay on-message following a police shooting in South Bend, Indiana.

This year's Essence Festival took on an added political significance in part because of Democrats' apparent recent realization that Black women are the backbone of the party.

Pete Buttigieg's narrative of accountability on the campaign trail has not only been met with criticism by other candidates but also heavily by those who he claimed to serve.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has been forced to confront police brutality in his city's department after a Black man was killed by cops in the Indiana town.

Perhaps no other issue among presidential candidates has managed to get as much attention as the argument surrounding reparations for descendants of slaves.

Voter survey shows Ellison leading Perez for DNC chair. But some predict that a consensus candidate could emerge.