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Booooy, these Karen videos keep getting wilder and wilder while offering more proof that Black people can’t mind their own business in peace without the entitled and privileged whites trying to assert their perceived authority over us.

In the latest episode of The Wild And Washclothless, a white couple got all in their feelings when a Black man was served before them at a Hilton hotel in Rio de Janeiro on New Year’s Day, according to the Daily Dot. The Black man reportedly had priority as a Diamond member, but that fact didn’t stop an unhinged and violent white woman from attacking the Black man and getting her partner knocked TF out in the process.

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Video footage of the incident taken from a bystander’s phone was shared on Twitter and has received more than 800,000 views.

“Y’all haven’t de-escalated the situation because she’s still right there talking,” the man recording the video can be heard saying as hotel security appears to restrain the white woman who looks like she’s in a two-piece bathing suit. “Y’all are supposed to separate the party.”

A second later, the woman broke away from the guards and she and her partner approached the Black man who is still standing calmly by the desk. Or at least he was calm until the woman grabbed his head in an attempt to pull him away from the counter.

Now, I don’t know what Broke Becky (or No-Diamond Donna) thought she was going to accomplish in attacking a much larger Black man, but all she did is get her man laid out like Sunday school clothes on the lobby floor. It looked like security pulled the woman off of the Black man, but her partner was still in his face—until the Black man punched him and apparently knocked his a** out.

The security guards then moved to re-restrain the woman, but she broke free again (where is Hilton finding these weak-as-hell security guards, by the way?) so she could attend to her man who is still on the ground looking like he just tried to get his bike back from Debo. All the while, the man who took the video is repeatedly shouting that “everything is on camera” so the Black man doesn’t get blamed for the incident, which ended in the woman breaking away again (seriously, why are these guards so damn useless?) and approaching the Black man, who was then led away while the woman was re-re-restrained once again.

“Where is y’all’s security?” the cameraman shouted. “Get her under control. Oh my god! I don’t understand this. This is crazy. Where’s y’all’s security? Because this is unacceptable. This is unacceptable.”

“And y’all still haven’t restrained her,” he said as the world’s most unqualified security team got her in their grips again.

Apparently, the Black man was partially blamed for the incident, because Twitter user @slyfoxnyc, who goes by HL on the platform, replied to the person who posted the video claiming to be the man who was attacked.

“Can you please send the video to me so I can send to Hilton headquarters, because of this security failure the couple had the police waiting outside looking for me for hours I couldn’t stay at the hotel that night because they lied saying I attacked them. Thanks for recording,” he tweeted.

He also said the couple tried to cut in front of him and he was called the n-word after he wouldn’t let them.

So far, Hilton hasn’t responded to the incident, but the hotel certainly has some ‘splaining to do.


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