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Conservative Festival In Hungary Features U.S. TV Host Tucker Carlson

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So, I don’t mean to blow all of your minds, but it appears that Fox News host Tucker Carlson is racist.

No, no, really it’s true. Sure, it might be hard to believe that the guy who responded to the death of Tyre Nichols by making a George Floyd joke might have something against Black people, but all indications point to the very real probability that the news personality who brought a white supremacist on his show to explain that Black people are jealous because white people are so much smarter than us is, indeed, an anti-Black bigot. Who would have thought, right? I mean, some of Carlson’s favorite guests are Candace Owens, Jason Whitlock, and I’m sure a few Black people as well.

Still, recently, Carlson used his platform to air out his white male grievances about the number of Black women President Joe Biden selected to be federal judges.

“Out of 97 federal judges confirmed under Joe Biden, total number of white men: five,” he said Monday night. “Twenty-two are Black women, so this is race-based hiring. It’s illegal!”

So, before we get into the obvious issue of Carlson wetting his Klan-derwear over Black women being appointed to positions in a field that is currently and historically white male-dominated, let’s talk about his automatic assumption that more Black women being confirmed as judges than white men by America’s 45th white male president indicates an illegal “race-based hiring.”

It’s almost as if Carlson is, once again, showing that he believes when white men dominate a field it’s due to merit, not racial and gender exclusion, but when anyone else, especially Black women, starts getting positions it’s due to dangerous diversity run amok, which will lead to a lesser quality of work because, obviously, only white men are qualified to do things and do them well.

But, nah, that can’t be right. Because if it was it would mean the guy who has used his platform to denounce critical race theory while admitting that he “never figured out what critical race theory is” is just spouting white nationalist nonsense out of pure resentment toward Black people.

Anyway, former Republican chair Michael Steele was having none of Carlson’s math-denying bigotry.

“Tuckems, of 226 federal judges appointed by Trump the total number of Black people? 9!! (he says in that high pitched voice of someone awaiting puberty),” Steele captioned his tweet that included a graphic visual that shows how disproportionately white and male federal judicial appointments have always been. “I guess those white judges were raced-based, illegal hiring that was not about looking like America but punishing people. Putz.” (You can tell Steele is still shaking off some of that conservative Republican swag, because “putz” is absolutely not in the Black insult lexicon. “Tuckems” was kinda funny though.)

The fine folks on Twitter joined in on hitting Carlson with the “IF JOHNNY HAS FIVE APPLES” approach to explaining how his racism is hindering his ability to do very simple math. And many of them had their own receipts.


One Twitter user cited statistics from the Federal Judicial Center to note that Black women represent 63 (4.5%) of the 1,407 current federal judges while white men represent 779 (55.4%) of those judges.

But facts don’t really matter to the guy who is so consumed with white male grief that he believed Joe Biden was ignoring white drug addicts by providing free crack pipes to the Black community, which, of course, was not a thing Biden did.

In fact, Carlson is such a dedicated advocate for the white nationalist “great replacement theory” that ex-KKK grand wizard David Duke called him out for stealing his white supremacist style.

All I’m saying is if Carlson isn’t racist, he sure as hell plays one on TV.