Check out NewsOne’s best of gallery for our First Lady in style, Michelle Obama!

Check out the NewsOne gallery of our next President of The United States of America, Barack Obama!

HARTFORD, CT “I wanted to dwell over the line I drew to help the electronic scanner read my vote for Obama. That black line burst not only with history, but mainly for what it will mean for us: an opportunity to build a new kind of covenant within America and between America and the world. […]

Bakari Kitwana moderates an exclusive discussion for featuring Professor Michael Dawson, University of Chicago; Professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell, Princeton University; Professor Jonathan Weiler, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; and Angela Woodson. They talked about voter turnout, the electoral process, the significance of an Obama win, and what things are looking like on the ground. […]

Being an anxious and early voter, I casted four ballots yesterday that decided the fate of 34 propositions and nine offices. I vote in San Francisco. Our voting agenda has fueled jokes from comedians and PACs alike.

Seeking a transcendent victory, Democrat Barack Obama made a final-hour push for Republican-leaning Indiana on Tuesday after casting his own ballot with his young daughters at his side. “It’s going to be tight as a tick here in Indiana,” Obama told volunteers in Indianapolis trying to get out the vote for the Democratic ticket with […], a leading poll aggregator that weighs and averages polls based on past performance, has information that says that early voting is going to be a game changer. Full story after the jump…

Confusing Ballots In Palm Beach Fla Again Full story after the jump…

Black Youth Vote For Obama, 3:37 pm Click here for full post. For videos from NCBCP, click here. Watch a video of a Black Youth Vote member talk about the election: Illai Reports Machine Malfunctioning, Incorrect Rosters, Long Lines, 2:37 pm Click here for the full posts. Nia Robinson Has Updates From Florida and Alabama, […]

I talked to my mom on the phone yesterday. She told me that they had taken me off the registrar in Massachusetts because I had not returned census documents in 4 years. Even though I was saved two 5 hour bus rides and 3 hours in line, I was disappointed and depressed.

A new video paints Barack Obama as Superman and Bush, Cheney and McCain as villains. It uses speeches and quotes from Barack Obama as well as George Bush, John McCain and Dick Cheney and footage from the Superman movie.

On Election eve, as emotions run high, the impending history weighs bulbously on our nation. The number of improbable American stories still in their piquant phase, from Condoleeza Rice to Lil Wayne is astounding. But the American tragedies in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, the depressed areas of Newark, and the Appalachian Valley remain a […]