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We already know Omarosa won’t be participating in the Republican National Convention (RNC). Neither will former Congresswoman Mia Love. Or even Gregory Cheadle, Donald Trump‘s “African American” and now-former Republican who the then-presidential candidate embarrassingly racially profiled on national TV under the guise of giving him a sincere shout out at one of his infamous rallies in 2016.

But while Trump has lost public support from the above Black folks, chances are more than likely Candace Owens will be right there showing all her teeth and spouting one of her trademark intellectually disingenuous diatribes that regurgitate Trump’s laughable lies about how no other president has done as much for Black people as he has.

President Trump And Other Notable Leaders Address Annual NRA Meeting

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However, despite what seems like an inflated percent of the small number of Black folks who have decidedly hopped off the Trump train in these four disastrous years since his consequential election, polling numbers show that he is still enjoying basically the same amount of support from Black voters that he was in 2016.

That’s because those former Black Trump supporters have been decidedly replaced with others who have become much more vehement in their defense of the president than their sunken predecessors ever were. And if Trump is going to have any legitimate chance of beating Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Election Day (emphasis on “legitimate”) then he will need to rally his Black voter base — all 8 percent of them — and then some.

And that starts Monday with Day 1 of the RNC.

As of Monday, the only Black person the RNC has advertised will be speaking during its week of political propaganda is South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, the only Black Republican senator and a faithful defender of the president despite Trump’s overt racism against Black and brown people in America.

But after him — and the pro-Hitler Candace Owens, of course — all bets were off as for who, if any other Black people, would be allowed to speak at this year’s RNC which, like last week’s successful Democratic National Convention, will be held remotely because of social distancing guidelines over the coronavirus, which has brought a massive death toll of Americans that nearly 60 percent of Republicans said was “acceptable,” according to a poll released over the weekend.

To be sure, Trump has a lot of work to do to increase the number of Black voters supporting his campaign for re-election. Republicans have already made no secret of inviting at least three suspected white supremacists to speak at the RNC, which was opening with Trump holding on to support from just 8 percent of Black voters, according to statistics compiled by Pew Research Center. If that slim figure, 3 percent is strong while the other 5 percent is still a bit iffy. Those numbers stood in stark contrast to 89 percent of Black voters favoring Biden, with 45 percent of that figure made up of a solid support base.

That matched the number of Black voters who cast ballots for Trump in 2016, according to exit polling provided by CNN. In that election, Trump also got 8 percent of the Black vote — enough to push him to victory (no matter how suspect that victory was).

All of which underscores the importance of Black voters for Trump; meaning that it’s a given he will almost assuredly have more than just Sen. Scott represent Black Republicans at the RNC in order to create a false vision of diversity and inclusion in the same political party that has readily and faithfully supported the president’s racist values and decisions.

Keep reading to find an alphabetically ordered list of the sunken Black conservatives who have a good chance of being featured at this year’s Republican National Convention.

1. Ben Carson

President Trump Holds Rally In Phoenix, Arizona Source:Getty

Ben Carson‘s reputation in politics now precedes that of his historic medical career, which shows you just how deep he’s sunken since aligning himself with a president who recently championed Trump’s racist suggestion that people living in the suburbs — i.e. white people — would have more Black and brown neighbors if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win the election. 

That’s obviously not necessarily the kind of policy someone would ideally expect from a sitting secretary of Housing and Urban Development, but here we are. 

The man far-too commonly referred to on social media as Uncle Ben Carson is all but a shoo-in to deliver a keynote address at the Republican National Convention.

2. Sheriff David Clarke

President-Elect Trump Holds Meetings At Trump Tower In New York Source:Getty

Former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, the pro-police Trump loyalist who has a deadly history of mismanaging the controversial jail that he oversaw, was “banned” from Fox News as a pundit last year amid reports that his “rhetoric became crazier and crazier and most shows refused to use him.”

The swashbuckling cowboy hat-wearing Democrat whose views more closely line up with Republicans was a polarizing figure on the national political stage as he frequently made controversial statements about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Oh, and did we mention that he reportedly serves on the “board of a border wall fundraising group linked to federal fraud charges” against Stephen Bannon, the far-right former chief of staff to Trump?

If Clarke isn’t speaking, he’s sure to be featured somehow at the RNC.

3. Stacey Dash

Premiere Of Starz's "Outlander" Season 5 - Arrivals Source:Getty

Stacey Dash, the “Clueless” star who now has a failed congressional bid under her belt was a major Trump supporter last time around. But since we all know how Trump feels about losers, it’s unclear if the RNC would include her even though she once agreed with Trump’s vile comments on Charlottesville.

4. Paris Dennard

The media on The State of Black America Source:Getty

Paris Dennard, perhaps the president’s most ardent Black supporter, amazingly said just two years ago that he has “not seen or heard one thing this president has said in the course of the year and going back to the campaign that has been racist to African-Americans.” Perhaps that helps to explain why in March he was named the Republican National Committee’s new Senior Communications Advisor of Black Media Affairs.

See how this grift works?

Dennard, a former CNN political pundit who was fired after sexual harassment allegations were revealed, has been a mainstay aboard Trump’s MAGA Train and was recently seen at Trump’s infamous rally in Tulsa in June. Those two truths make him more than likely to speak at this year’s RNC.

5. Diamond and Silk

President Trump Meets With African American Leaders In The Cabinet Room Source:Getty

This unfortunate duo that even Fox News had to fire for spreading blatant and dangerous lies about the coronavirus has never fallen out of Trump’s good graces.

From praying with him at the White House during a sham of a Black History Month celebration to being invited by the racist former Rep. Steve King to the State of the Union, Diamond and Silk have shown they have no shame in their game.

6. Vernon Jones

Vernon Jones, a relatively anonymous Democrat in Georgia, recently sank a little deeper into that sunken place when he offered his full-throated endorsement of Donald Trump‘s candidacy for re-election. The Georgia State Rep. who has a checkered past when it comes to showing loyalty to Democrats said in April that “Trump’s handling of the economy, his support for historically black colleges and his criminal justice initiatives” drew him to the campaign.

Those factors could help Jones spread his misguided message on a national scale at the RNC as Team Trump tries to shore up support in the red state of Georgia.

7. Candace Owens


The same person whose failed Blexit plan to convince Black people to leave the Democratic Party is expected to be a featured speaker at the RNC based on her faithful defense of Trump. She is a con artist through and through who goes to extreme lengths to share her anti-Black thoughts on social media as proof of her devotion to a political party that champions policies that disproportionately hurt people who look just like her.

That toxic combination makes her a perfect candidate to speak at the RNC.

8. Lynne Patton

Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development Ben Carson Makes Announcement Regarding The New York City Housing Authority Source:Getty

Lynne Patton, Trump’s former party planner who scored a coveted spot working at HUD, was famously — and willingly — used as a prop by a white congressman in a racist effort to disingenuously suggest the president isn’t racist, has repeatedly gone out of her way to defend Trump.

If not her’s, it’s safe to expect those type of Black voices at the RNC.

9. Pastor Darrell Scott


Pastor Darrell Scott, Trump’s trusty spiritual adviser who famously got humbled on Twitter by Angela Rye’s brilliance over the topic of “coonery,” has been ride-or-die for the president since he was a candidate. The man of God has supported a man whose ungodly actions are on display for anybody paying attention.

If Scott has been there for Trump through locking kids in cages and downplaying a global pandemic, why wouldn’t he be there at the RNC?

10. Sen. Tim Scott


South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, who Trump enlisted to address the coronavirus devastation in Black communities (after he voted against the initial round of coronavirus relief), once compared impeaching the president to death row. Even though Scott appeared to come to the realization last year that racist Republicans exist, he still went on to refuse to call the proudly racist Rep. Steve King a racist. 

It is undoubtedly in part because of the aforementioned factors and plenty of others that Trump and Team RNC had Scott on its list of convention speakers from Day 1.

11. Isaiah Washington

50th NAACP Image Awards Nominees Luncheon - Arrivals Source:Getty

Isaiah Washington‘s Emmy-worthy performance in “P-Valley” doesn’t eliminate him from the list of Black Trump worshipers who could speak at the RNC. If anything, the hit cable drama that may be endearing Washinton to the show’s intended Black audience could be ripe for Trump’s picking when it comes to its desperate attempt to dig into Joe Biden’s lead with Black voters.

12. Kanye West

President Trump Hosts Kanye West And Former Football Player Jim Brown At The White House Source:Getty

Kanye West has been waging his own presidential campaign, but it’s been with the alleged help of Trump operatives, suggesting the president has been encouraging the rapper to run in order to potentially split the Black vote, something that would help his re-election hopes. 

So even though Kanye would not be on the ballot as a Republican, his candidacy can only help Republicans. That, combined with his outsized ego that would undoubtedly be flattered to be featured at the RNC, increases his chances of being invited to speak.