A group text conversation revealed that Fox News' Tucker Carlson "passionately" hates Donald Trump, contrary to what he reports publicly.

If Tucker Carlson isn't racist, he sure as hell plays one on TV. This time, he complained about the number of Black women President Joe Biden selected to be federal judges.

Tucker Carlson made a racist joke about George Floyd during a rant about the death of Tyre Nichols and white racism.


Kanye West talked about his "white lives matter" shirt with Tucker Carlson. Now Sharon Osbourne wants her BLM donation back.

Race Matters

Tucker Carlson thinks police officers stopped pulling over Black drivers after George Floyd because they were afraid of being accused of racism, and that's the reason for a rise in Black traffic fatalities in 2020.

Race Matters

“We do know he was not a white supremacist, so we’re betting the media are not going to dwell on this,” Carlson said on Tucker Carlson Tonight Tuesday. “There’s nothing to gain from covering this particular atrocity. Just another mass shooting in the big city. It’s all so sad.”

Celebrity News

Tucker Carlson, a host at Fox News, aka Republican Viagra Network, is, for whatever reason, randomly circling back to an old gripe he has with rapper Cardi B.

While speaking with Fox News's Tucker Carlson on March. 15, the Daily Wire podcast host lit into the publication's choice to honor, Levin, who in March 2021, became the nation's first openly transgender federal health official.


Fox News host Tucker Carlson demanded to see the LSAT scores of Joe Biden's nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, to prove that she's "one of our nation's top legal minds."


Kenosha killer Kyle Rittenhouse sat down with Tucker Carlson to talk about his list of people he plans to sue for what he describes as "lies" told about him after his acquittal, such as Whoopi Goldberg and Cenk Uygur from the Young Turks. 


Tucker Carlson claimed that white opioid addicts are being ignored in order to change "the demographics of the country in a way that benefits the Democratic Party."