The young woman found dead at Paula Abdul’s home was a former American Idol contestant, Paula Goodspeed. In Goodspeed’s audition, she was ridiculed by Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson, while Abdul let her down kindly. Godspeed auditioned for American Idol twice and also auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance. On her myspace page, […]

Black voters in California have been blamed for the passage of an anti-gay marriage ban called Proposition 8. Here is yet another rebuttal of that argument, this time from noted poll interpreter Nate Silver at “The notion that Prop 8 passed because of the Obama turnout surge is silly….”

In all of the euphoria over Barack Obama’s election as the first African-American President, black voters have been cast as a vital part of the electorate that made his victory possible. There has been another story developing in the state of California, as black voters in the state, according to exit polls,  voted 2-1 in […]

In an interview with C-Span’s Steve Scully, Condoleeza Rics discussed the significance of Obama’s victory, her own experiences with racism, George Bush and the war in Iraq.

From Somebody forgot to tell gay people that race wars are no longer in vogue. While the rest of the country has spent the last week reveling in the afterglow of Grant Park, gay America has devolved into a Sarah Palin rally.

The government has abandoned the original centerpiece of its $700 billion rescue effort for the financial system and will not use the money to purchase troubled bank assets.

Dear Barack, Please E-Mail Us Primary season letters made us giddy. On the campaign trail, David Plouffe sent frequent calls for help to our inboxes whenever the campaign was on the ropes. Even better, we got video speeches sent directly after the cameras clicked off, and campaign ads that would never land on television. If […]

Rolling Stone has named Aretha Franklin the greatest singer of the rock era in a new poll. Ray Charles came in number 2 ahead of Elvis at number 3 and R&B legend Sam Cooke came in at number 4. Other notable African Americans to make the list were Marvin Gaye at number 6, Otis Redding […]

In an interview with Inside The Actor’s Studio host, James Lipton, Chappelle discussed the power of word and Maya Angelou. This was his first appearance on TV since he appeared on the same show last year.

“That was our mistake. So many African Americans don’t look at gay marriage as a civil rights issue. They look on it as a religious one. And we, for whatever reason … fear? Arrogance? Complacency? We did not do enough outreach to them. We need to begin a dialogue with them, because we should be […]

Beyonce is publicly pleading her case to be cast as Comic Book Superhero, Wonderwoman. The LA Times has reported that she had a meeting with DC Comics about playing the Comic Book superhero in 2011.

From Jack & Jill Politics: Found this in the comments section at Ta-Nehisi Coates: To anyone who thinks $600 million is too much to spend on a presidential campaign, here is a little context. Obama was not just running against another candidate, he was running against more than 300 years of American culture and mythology […]